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Chemical Management Protocol


JTC Fabrics applies the  Chemical Management Protocol 4sustainability
for the elimination of toxic and harmful substances in production processes through the MRSL of
  Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals - ZDHC .

The Protocol is implemented by ensuring a series of management requirements for the production processes of the textile design company and its upstream supply chain, in order to gradually eliminate the presence of toxic and harmful chemicals.
The level of implementation of the 4s Protocol is verified from year to year through a tool that ascertains whether the requirements (relating, among others, to the organizational structure, mapping of the production process, assessment of the chemical inventory, production traceability, training...) have actually been applied and to what extent.

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Fabrics with yarns

JTC offers a line of sustainable products, built entirely with 100% recycled yarns according to the innovative production process  newlife ™ .
The yarns used in this line are produced from the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles collected and processed in Italy, starting from the polymer obtained through a mechanical and non-chemical process, to
get up to the production of the wire. The recycled polyester yarns obtained are of the highest quality and performance level, suitable for a wide range of applications, guaranteeing
the same performance and quality of polyester yarns derived from virgin polymer conventionally used on the market.
The production process is 100% Made in Italy and 100% traceable.
The yarns are Oekotex - IPPR - GRS- LCA certified. 

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